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We believe in being open and transparent in all areas of our work. In line with the Local Government Transparency Code the following information is being provided and will be updated on a regular basis. General information about the Authority can be found in the publication scheme.

All the information included can be used and re-used under the terms of the Open Government Licence.


Details of our financial strategy, annual budgets and budget monitoring can be found in the regular reports to the Authority and, in particular, to the Resources, Audit and Performance Committee.

All expenditure items over £250 can be found on the right. Data is provided on a monthly basis for the current and previous two financial years.

View details of all our recent grants to voluntary, community and social enterprises; these were awarded under our grant application process.

During 2016/17 the Authority paid 99% of undisputed invoices within 30 days; no late payment fees were paid during the year.

The Authority does not have any employees whose singular role is to undertake investigations and prosecutions of fraud. However the Authority does take fraud very seriously and has strong governance arrangements in place to counter fraud of any kind; in this regard, any such investigations would be led by either the Monitoring Officer or our Internal Audit team (the latter being provided through New Forest District Council). There were no such cases in 2016/17.


All current opportunities to provide goods/services to us are published, with details of opportunities to quote (£10-25,000) and all formal tenders.

View details of all our existing contracts, framework agreements and purchase orders; each list includes all items over £5,000.

Land and Buildings

View details of all our land and buildings assets held

Employee Information

Key information about the structure of the Authority can be seen on our organisational chart and in details of our Leadership team.

View details of our senior officers’ remuneration (as disclosed in our Financial Report).

The pay multiple, as at 1st April 2017, for the Authority is 3.61. As defined by the Transparency Code, this is the ratio between the highest paid taxable earnings (including base salary, variable pay, bonuses, allowances and the cash value of any benefits-in-kind) and the median earnings figure of the whole of the Authority’s workforce.

The number of Authority staff who are Union Representatives is 1 (1 FTE). This individual does not devote more than 50% of their time to Union duties. The only Trade Union represented in the Authority is Unison.


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