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Useful contacts

Alison Barnes

Tel: 01590 646633

Chief Executive


Steve Avery

Tel: 01590 646659

Executive Director (Strategy and Planning)


David Illsley

Tel: 01590 646672

Planning Policy Manager


Hilary Makin

Tel: 01590 646608

Communications Manager


Nigel Matthews

Tel: 01590 646684

Head of Recreation Management and Learning


Jim Mitchell

Tel: 01590 646681

Interpretation and Outreach Manager


David Stone

Tel: 01590 646645

Business Services Manager


Paul Hocking

Tel: 01590 646618

Enforcement and Trees Manager


Julia Mutlow

Tel: 01590 646657

Solicitor and Monitoring Officer


Nigel Stone

Tel: 01590 646655

Chief Finance Officer


Some legal services are provided by Hampshire County Council and some financial services are provided by New Forest District Council under the terms of Service Level Agreements.

National Park Member


'The New Forest is a living, working landscape with thriving local communities.'

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