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Evaluation and legacy

Evaluation and legacy

The impact of the Our Past, Our Future scheme in the New Forest will be assessed by looking at what is achieved alongside the strengths, weaknesses and lessons learnt.


The evaluation will:

  • Demonstrate what has been achieved and the lasting benefits of the scheme
  • Feedback about what has gone well, and what has gone less well so that adjustments can be made and so that others can learn.

We will use quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure the outputs and outcomes for individual projects set down during the development phase and the scheme as a whole.

The evaluation will then help to inform future management decisions and to focus budgets.


Our Past, Our Future will ultimately work to deliver a sustainable legacy for the New Forest which can be built on in the future by the partnership and the wider community. Legacy will ensure that the Forest is better protected for the long term and that there are better working partnerships in place.

A successful legacy can be secured in a number of ways such as third parties taking on a long-term role for particular elements of the scheme or further funding secured to continue the project. All the individual projects are considering how to approach legacy throughout the delivery of the projects.

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