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Heritage mapping

The New Forest has a rich and varied history of human interaction extending back at least 13,000 years. This evidence can still be found within the National Park boundary and has been influential in shaping the landscape we see today. It is this legacy from the past that helps make the National Park such a special place.

The New Forest National Park Authority has a duty to conserve and enhance this historic environment for everybody. Although there has been a long and continuing local tradition of archaeological and historical research, some aspects of the National Park’s archaeology have seen less research and investigation compared to other areas of the country.

The number of new sites found in current archaeological surveys in the New Forest suggests that there could be many thousands of undiscovered sites and landscape features still to be recorded in the National Park.

Read on to find out how exciting laser scanning technology from an aircraft called Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) is helping us to care for the New Forest’s historic environment.

Archaeological Officer


'Our laser mapping has identified more than 3,000 archaeological sites that we can now preserve.'

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