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How you can help

How you can help

Help improve the water quality of the New Forest’s rivers and streams through these simple tips:

  • Use environmentally-friendly detergents
  • Ensure correct maintenance of septic tanks
  • Avoid spreading non-native invasive plants which push out local species. Or even volunteer to help control non-native invasive species on local rivers and streams
  • Avoid wasting water at home and work. The water we use comes from local sources and low water flows can affect wildlife. Learn more at ConnectRight
  • Use the appropriate facilities at your local household waste recyclingcentre to dispose of engine oil. The disposal of oil or chemicals down road drains causes pollution in rivers
  • Manage weeds and slugs in the garden in environmentally friendly ways rather than using chemicals
  • Ensure any new building works connect any drainage to relevant systems appropriately. Misconnections of foul drainage into ditches and streams can result in pollution.

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