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Bog flowers

In terms of national scarcity, the bogs and valley mires are the most important habitats of the New Forest National Park.

The Forest has 90 out of the 120 valley mires remaining in north-west Europe.

These habitats are significant because they are permanently wet and acidic and because they are so extensive. Although the majority of the plants of New Forest bogs do also grow further north, many of the animals that rely on them cannot tolerate the colder conditions further north.

Bogs are a decreasing habitat worldwide because many have been drained for agriculture or development.

Relatively few species of plant can tolerate the permanently wet and acid conditions, and those that can are often uncommon and restricted due to the scarcity of the habitat.

If you go in search of these fascinating plants do be careful not to trample them.



'Please leave fungi for other people to enjoy. Fungi are essential to the New Forest’s fragile ecosystem.'

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