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Wood sorrel

Wood sorrel

Wood sorrel is common and widespread in woodlands throughout the UK and Hampshire.

It will grow in almost any woodland except the most recently established scrubby woods. In the New Forest it is found in deciduous woods, ride sides in coniferous woods and in parts of the wet valley woodlands.

Wood sorrel is in flower in April in many of the New Forest woodlands, but you will need to look hard to spot the small flowers growing very close to the ground.

ID Tip

ID Tip

Wood sorrel is a very low-growing plant. It is easily identified by its rosette of three heart-shaped leaves joined together at their tips and the delicately nodding white bell-shaped flowers. The sour, lemon-flavoured leaves are edible, but large quantities can be toxic.



'Please leave fungi for other people to enjoy. Fungi are essential to the New Forest’s fragile ecosystem.'

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