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Listed buildings

Listed buildings

Listed buildings are buildings officially defined as being of special architectural or historic interest. The 621 listed buildings in the National Park range from palaces and country houses to many smaller but more typical cottages and hovels built of brick, timber frame or cob (clay earth reconstituted with water and binding aggregates).

Occasionally buildings are added to the list maintained by English Heritage, the central government agency responsible for statutory listing.  Anyone can submit a building to English Heritage (with specific and as much supporting information as possible) to be considered for listing. English Heritage give details on their website of how to do this.

Application for listed building consent is needed for any work of alteration – internal or external – that affects the character or appearance of the building as a historic building. ‘Listed Building Interiors’ and  ‘Listed Building Exteriors’ are leaflets available from the Authority that specify what works need consent, and whether applications for those works are likely to be granted. An application form can be downloaded from the website.

We are happy to comment informally on proposals to alter or extend a listed building before applications are made through the Authority’s pre-application advice service. Please submit queries to

Inspecting listed buildings helps us know where to direct help and advice, as well as showing up those neglected or deteriorating buildings which need more attention, or even statutory action, to ensure they are preserved.

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