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Avoid disturbing rare birds

Please help ground nesting birds

If you’re out and about in the New Forest between March and the end of July please be aware that many birds nest in the open heathland and mires, including some that are very special to the area.

Wading birds include the curlew, redshank, snipe and lapwing, each of which is becoming rare in the south of England. Other specialities are the woodlark, nightjar and Dartford warbler, again the New Forest is an important stronghold for these unusual birds.

The main danger is that you unintentionally frighten the adults away from their nests, leaving eggs or young vulnerable to the cold, or to predators such as crows.

On heaths and wet ground, please keep yourself and your dogs to the main tracks throughout the spring so that these ground nesting birds can continue to live alongside the many human visitors to the Forest.


Head of Environment and Rural Economy


'To avoid damage and obstruction, please park only in designated car parks, not on a verge or in gateways.'

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